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Have a dinner party coming up and want to serve an exceptional salad? Need to supplement your current Greens Bag subscription? Want to try out a selection of several different greens? Come pick up  some of Anchorage's freshest produce! 

The specific varieties will change day to day, but we'll always have mixed salad greens available for purchase by the ounce (or pound), plus heads of lettuce, herbs, and leafy greens like kale or arugula.

In an effort to reduce single use plastics, we encourage customers to bring in a reusable container, or we can provide a reusable Anchorage Greens tote for a small refundable deposit. And, we do have produce bags for those times when a reusable option doesn't work.


We're thrilled about the enthusiasm and excitement everyone has for our products! We are updating our online inventory daily, so check back often if your favorite greens are currently sold out. 

Thanks for your support, Anchorage!

Our garden is always full of fresh lettuces, greens, and herbs ready for your table!
Shop our currently available items here.  

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