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Anchorage Greens was started in 2019 to grow premium quality greens and herbs right in the middle of Anchorage. We sell our greens directly to consumers through our weekly subscription Greens Bag and non-subscription items from our Garden Market. By growing our produce locally and harvesting it each day, we maximize product freshness, shelf life, and value; while minimizing shipping, packaging, and food waste. We are passionate about our plants, are committed to pesticide free cultivation, and use exclusively non-GMO varieties. Our tightly controlled indoor garden was built to give our plants exactly what they need and keep them away from everything they don't. No matter the season we can get our greens to your plate the same day they are harvested, at the peak of freshness and flavor.



John Krapek



John started Juneau Greens in 2017 with Trevor and continues to manage that business in Juneau. He likes being outdoors and enjoying Alaska with his family.  


Trevor Kirchhoff


Trevor moved to Anchorage at the end of 2018 to begin building Anchorage Greens. He has worked as a grower and business owner in the hydroponic industry for more than a decade.


Patty Kirchhoff

Team Member

From planting seeds, to transplanting plants, harvesting greens bags, and greeting customers; Patty does it all at Anchorage Greens. 

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