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Thank you for your interest in Anchorage Greens!

We’re excited to bring you a selection of fresh, locally grown, delicious greens every week!

Below are a few details and frequently asked questions. But feel free to reach out to us directly at, (907)957-3173, or through the contact page on our website.


If you’re unsatisfied in any way, let us know, we’re committed to making happy customers!

How do I get my Greens Bag each week?

We offer pick up from the Anchorage Greens indoor farm conveniently located just off the Seward Highway in South Anchorage.  


Pick up times are as follows:

Monday:             10am to 4pm

Tuesday:            10am to 6pm

Wednesday:       10am to 6pm

Thursday:          10 am to 6pm

Friday:                10am to 6pm

Saturday:           10 am to 4pm

Please wear a mask when entering the building, or call us at (907)957-3173 for curbside pick up.

Do you have any items that aren't a subscription?

Absolutely. Although the majority of our garden is dedicated to our weekly Greens Bag subscriptions, we also grow produce that is available for individual purchases.  We update our inventory daily in our online Garden Market.  You can place an online order and then pick it up in as little as 30 minutes. 

Do you offer delivery?

We do not offer a delivery service at this time.  However, we provide curbside pick up. When you arrive at the store call us and we will bring your order to your car.


How do I pay for my Greens Bag each week?

We set up a recurring invoice and you will get an email on Sunday morning with a link to pay for that week’s Greens Bag.  If you choose, you can save a credit card on file and it will automatically charge each week. Anchorage Greens does not ever see your card number, everything is securely stored within the Square Inc. eComerce system.

Can I pay for a whole month at a time, instead of each week? 

Absolutely, just send us an email and we can switch your billing to every 4 weeks.


I’m not sure what day I pick up my Greens Bag?

When you placed your order you should have received an email receipt indicating the pick up day you selected.  However, if you cant find this email, or if you want to change days, give us a call.

Do I need to pick up my Greens Bag the same day each week?

We schedule customers for a certain pick up day in order to spread people out through the week, however, we know that life doesn't always go as planned, so you can pick up on a different day if needed.  If you want to permanently switch your pick up day just email us so we can plan accordingly.

What if I’m going on vacation and won’t be here to get my Greens Bag.

Option one, you can ask a friend to pick up your Greens Bag for you (either as a gift for them, or to keep for you). Or, if you prefer to skip a week, email us in advance and we will place your account on a vacation hold.


Will I know in advance what types of greens I'll get in my Greens Bag.

We will post the weekly Greens Bag items to our Facebook and Instagram accounts on Sunday or Monday  It takes at least 6 weeks for the plants to go from seeds to greens, so we always know what is growing for upcoming Greens Bags.  If you want to plan ahead feel free to ask at your pick up what to expect in next week's bag. 

Do you sell gift cards? 

Yes, we sell e-gift cards on our website, click here to be directed to the order page. They can be emailed directly to the recipient, or you can print a paper copy to give. Gift cards may be used to pay for Greens Bag subscriptions online, or redeemed in person at our Garden Market.


If you’re enjoying your greens, we always appreciate positive reviews on Facebook and Google!

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